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  • About Us

    EEIS is unique in its composition, capabilities, expertise, technical approach, and experience. No other Alaskan engineering firm of comparable size can offer this combination of experience and capabilities. EEIS is proud to offer fit-for-purpose, climate-appropriate designs.

  • About Us

    EEIS is unique in its composition, capabilities, expertise, technical approach, and experience. No other Alaskan engineering firm of comparable size can offer this combination of experience and capabilities. EEIS is proud to offer fit-for-purpose, climate-appropriate designs.

What is EEIS Consulting Engineers?

EEIS Consulting Engineers, Inc. (EEIS) is an integrated multidisciplinary firm delivering design, engineering, planning, permitting, and logistical oversight services. Functioning as the prime consultant, EEIS offers architectural/life safety design; civil, structural, mechanical process, mechanical HVAC, and electrical engineering; and instrumentation and piping design.

EEIS provides friendly, professional, and timely delivery of fit-for-purpose, climate-appropriate, engineering solutions for Alaskan projects. Design and engineering experience includes a wide variety of projects ranging from retrofits of existing facilities to new construction.

Company History at a Glance

Founded in 1985 as Engineering Evaluation and Investigation Services, Inc., EEIS Consulting Engineers, Inc. was created as a separate corporation in 1988 in response to a growing economy and the need for more progressive, technically oriented design services. In 1989 EEIS added architectural services and design managers to increase the opportunities for EEIS to design projects as the prime consultant. In 2005 EEIS added process mechanical engineering, piping design, and procurement services.

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Composition and Capabilities

EEIS is a prime consultant with an integrated engineering team consisting of both EEIS core professionals and qualified subconsultants. Long-standing relationships with other engineering consulting companies enable EEIS to integrate all disciplines and services under one design roof. These relationships provide EEIS with a unique ability to quickly assemble an efficient and organized team of design professionals specifically tailored for a project.

The EEIS integrated team approach promotes effective coordination of input from the client and multiple disciplines through on-line team sharing and collaboration, comprehensive design meetings and reviews, and design management oversight. This approach reduces interdisciplinary conflicts, prevents layout and equipment conflicts, develops design consensus, enhances code compliance, and eliminates rework during fabrication and construction.

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In addition to the traditional engineering services, EEIS offers additional services, including fire detection and suppression design, geotechnical investigation, surveying, hazardous materials evaluation, and cost estimating through the use of subconsultants with whom EEIS has long-established professional relationships. EEIS also assists with municipal and Alaska State Fire Marshal permitting, and can provide landscape design, feasibility studies, document control, expert witness testimony, and logistical support and procurement services.

EEIS staff is supported by the latest engineering, AutoCAD, and accounting software and tools. The in-house server system maintained by EEIS ensures reliability and utilizes the most up-to-date team collaboration and design review software.

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Whether the job is a residence or a 45,000-square-foot vehicle maintenance facility, EEIS understands the need for quality work and timely service. EEIS has designed more than 3,000 successful industrial, commercial, and government A/E projects. Clients include private individuals, general contractors, the US Army Corps of Engineers, utilities, drilling companies, major oil and gas operators, Alaska Native Corporations, villages, and municipalities. The variety of EEIS engineering projects include:

  • Oil field modular facilities
  • Grind and inject waste facilities
  • Processing plants and facilities
  • Permanent and temporary camps
  • Warehouses
  • Equipment storage buildings
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Office buildings
  • Medical and dental offices and clinics
  • State courthouse
  • Schools
  • Housing
  • Roof replacements
  • Vehicle wash buildings
  • Sewage lift stations
  • Fuel storage facilities / tank farms
  • Fabric covered steel buildings

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Technical Approach

EEIS provides a balanced technical approach to accomplish projects. In the traditional design approach, the “technical aspects” of the building—the structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical systems—often defer to the “architectural design aspects.” In many cases, this approach has not been economical or environmentally appropriate, and has provided a less-than-satisfactory project solution.

Every EEIS project is based on a balance between the engineered and technical aspects of a project and, when appropriate, the aesthetics of responsible architectural design. EEIS works closely with clients to determine the design priorities of the project and then designs the project with those priorities in mind. The cost of architectural building finishes and aesthetics are always kept in perspective relative to the cost of the civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical design requirements. If the client desires to emphasize function and technical performance in a project design, EEIS is in a unique position to ensure those wishes are carried out.

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Design Managers

Design goals, schedule, and budget for a project are maintained by an EEIS design manager who is the project’s single point of contact and is responsible for successful project execution. Project planning, scheduling, execution, and change control activities during design are guided by the standards of the Project Management Institute in its A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide).

Project Controls

Design management is supported at many levels within EEIS. Project control data on schedule, costs, performance, quality, and variances are compiled for the design manager. For large projects, EEIS includes a professional project controls scheduling consultant as part of the design team. Project support staff help the design manager administer Requests for Information (RFIs), Management of Change (MOC) process, and document control—project components that are integral to maintaining project scope, schedule, and budget.

Document Control and Document Sharing

A critically important aspect of architectural and engineering design is making design information available to design team members and end users in a timely manner. The EEIS document control system maintains a collection of the most recent drawings, project documents, and associated indexes in digital and paper format. Through a secure on-line collaboration website, all relevant documents are made available to the project team, client, and subconsultants throughout the project. This website also provides data transfer between team members and allows EEIS to keep all members current with project design information. EEIS is also experienced in using client-provided document control systems.

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The EEIS Team

EEIS is made up of an Alaska-based diverse team of dedicated architects, engineers, designers, and support professionals who have extensive experience on a variety of projects and enjoy working together and living in Alaska. Technical skills and experience enable the EEIS team to design and engineer a wide range of projects.

The EEIS team is developed and maintained through the efforts of the owner and principal engineer, Richard C. Button, SE, CE. Rick’s positive and inspiring leadership, technical competence, and hard work provide the bedrock that anchors the past performance and continued success of the EEIS team.